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Lesson 1: Why Wear Jade


Lesson 1: Why Wear Jade
Nowadays, more and more people buy jade, and more and more people like to wear jade. Why is this?
Today we will talk about the reasons why people admire jade.

The benefits of raising people:

We all know that "people nourish jade for a while, and jade nourishes people for a lifetime". After wearing and playing with jade ornaments for a long time, its transparency and luster will improve, that is, people nourish jade.

The long-term contact between people and jade is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the human body, that is, jade nourishes people. Therefore, Peiyu plays a beneficial role in people's life.

It is said that jade has spirituality and can drive away evil spirits and keep peace, so Peiyu can also be used as a talisman.

The beauty of accessories:

The color of jade is relatively complete. In addition to the common white and green, there are also yellow, brown, blue, black and so on.

Each color has a different expressive power, coupled with its warmth and moistness, it shows the incomparable beauty of other gemstones.

Moreover, there are various styles of jade jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, pendants, handles, etc., suitable for all ages.

Investment needs:

Hetian jade is a non-renewable resource, and its storage capacity is limited. Nowadays, with the extensive excavation of machines, the originally limited resources have become more and more depleted. It is an eternal law that rare things are more expensive.

Some people may be very willing to buy jade, but they are not willing to spend money on other things, because they know that after a few years, except for jade, other things you buy will be useless.

Ten years later, you will find that apart from these jades, you don't know where to throw the other things you bought.

Jade is both an interest and an investment for us. When those luxury goods are called "old clothes" and those high-end products are called "outdated goods", you will find that only the jade you collect is called the leakage of the year.

Status symbol:

"Thousands of gold can't buy a good heart, but gold is priceless and jade is priceless." There is a classification in the circle of Chinese hand jewelry, that is, ordinary people only play gold, and high-end ones play non-gold, such as Hetian jade, jadeite and so on.

Why this is so, because buying these has a deep meaning - Ben Hao's wealth is so great that there is no need to reserve gold.

Pure hobby:

There is also a pure hobby, like the subtle beauty of jade that is not ostentatious, not dazzling, not rich and gaudy, and not kitsch.

Seeing jade gives people a sense of tranquility and peace, which is unmatched by other accessories.

Do you now have a piece of jade of your own? If so, what kind of person do you belong to?

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