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About Us and Our Guarantee to you

Chinesejadeno1 has been buying and selling jade since our first trip to China in 1997 to learn Chinese medicine and Qi Healing.
We learned that jade is not only beautiful, but also has qi energy that helps balance the meridians and is used for healing in Chinese medicine.  Our guarantee to you is that all of our jade is genuine jade and jadeite.  If you have  "Old Mine Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets"  you purchased from Chinesejadeno1 tested by a GIA gemologist, and provide us with a complete certificate of testing  that states  it is not what we claim*, we will refund your purchase price and shipping when you return it, along with our deepest apology.   We test every jade piece by refraction when it is photographed and listed, and describe each piece to the best of our ability. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

*(The GIA certification must be a complete certificate of gemology testing that includes a description and photo of the jadeite piece that is being tested. We accept only GIA gemology testing. We will contact GIA with the certificate number to verify that it was tested by a certified gemologist.  Testing results must be within 90 days of your order.) 

"China's Favorite Every Day Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets" with certificates of gemology testing are genuine. The testing includes refraction to show if it is jadeite or another gem stone. Gemology testing is slightly different in all countries, but the testing result on the Chinese certificates will show "A" in the upper right corner if it is genuine natural Burmese jadeite. Sometimes jadeite is polished with classic jade polishing wax that has some tincture in it that enhances the color, but this is not "color treated" and it is still grade A, genuine jadeite that has not been bleached with acid, and/or color treated.

There's a Chinese saying: "the jade carver always leaves something behind".  We describe each item as accurately as possible, but jade is stone, stone is not perfect, and the jade carving is a handcraft, so  you may find small irregularities that are to be expected from hand carved jade from natural stone.

We cannot guarantee that the Pre-Owned jade is natural color.  We assume that because of it being older jade and color not changing that it is natural.


Chinesejadeno1 is internet only, and located in New York, USA.  Our web site has changed over the years to keep up with technology and credit card security.  This latest upgrade in May, 2019 accomplishes improved organization, ability to view and order on mobile devices, and enhanced credit card security for you.

We value your privacy, and do not sell email addresses or other information.  If you want to be on the Chinesejadeno1 mailing list to receive news and special savings, you can sign up on most pages on the bottom right. 

At this time there is no business phone, we do not have staff available 24/7, but we respond to email fast. 

We welcome your feedback and comments, contact us at


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